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The Android juggernaut is unstoppable: Accenture research

Based in Ireland, Accenture is one of the largest consulting firms in the world. From time to time, the company releases studies or surveys focusing on technology market and mobile computing, offering precious insights into the evolution of the complex world of technology.

One of Accenture’s most recent presentations took place at MWC (Mobile World Congress) and focused on Android’s growth rate compared to Apple’s progress over the past few years.

I know what you’re thinking, MWC concluded more than a month ago, so why is this guy bringing us such old raggedy news? Well, we here at Android Authority felt it was necessary to let you know that things aren’t as dark and gloomy.

Back at the MWC, Accenture mobility analyst Lars Kamp presented several interesting charts that speak volumes on the evolution of our favorite mobile operating system. Due to lack of space and my reluctance to bore you with too much statistical data, I am only going to focus on three of those charts.

First of all, what we have below is the shares in the total smartphone market, which, as you can see, has been dominated by Android ever since 2010. Google’s operating system runs on half of today’s smartphones, while Apple’s iOS only powers about 30% of worldwide devices.


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