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New vocabularies!!!!!

   Most of the people doesnt care abt the way they talk and behave…As am a engg student & on ma opinion most of ’em doesn knw hw to introduce themselves yet!! tats really bad but we can make up this by readin loads of english stuffs …we also have to care abt the way we use vocabularies!!! learnin new vocabularies everyday is a great thing….here i post few new vocabularies…..

1. A Nonversation a conversation that seems meaningless or ridiculous.

2. An E-Quaintance a person who you only ‘know’ through online networking.

3. To Gaslight  to drive someone crazy by making them doubt their memory or perceptions.

4. Drizzmal  a description of rainy weather that causes melancholy.

5. A Cyberchondriac one who imagines that he is ill, having just read about the symptoms on the InternetImage


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6 responses to “New vocabularies!!!!!

  1. Hari Prasad MJ ⋅

    After so many push…es..! Dhanya goes LIVE…Congrats and all the Very Best…I Defntly Excited…!

    – Hari Prasad MJ

  2. RAKESH ⋅


  3. Anisha ⋅

    Hey.its really nice….

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